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Yaeger At Your Pace - Complete Course

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Discover the ease and cost-effectiveness of our new “Yaeger at Your Pace” program, combining the quality of Yaeger’s full CPA review courses with your personal study schedule.

Here’s how it works. Simply order our full 4-part CPA review program and then choose when you want to receive each review section, rather than having to handle them all at once. You set the pace, we provide the rest. You request the first section now and then request the other portions when it comes time to prepare later in the year. It’s entirely up to you!

STUDY TIMES: Please plan on an average study time of 4 times the amount of video

Order Now* to receive:

  • The CPA review section(s) of your choice (AUD, BEC, FAR, REG)
  • Wiley CPA Review Textbook for ordered part only
  • Practice Software
  • Downloadable Instructor-Authored Handouts
  • Access to Review Instructor Hotline (time limits apply)
  • Unlimited use of course

Then, when you are ready (this year, or next), contact us to send your next course and you will receive:

  • The final CPA review section(s) from our latest release
  • Wiley CPA Review Textbooks for your remaining parts
  • Downloadable Instructor-Authored Handouts
  • Access to Review Instructor Hotline (time limits apply)
  • Unlimited use of course

The “Yaeger at Your Pace” program benefits CPA students no matter where you are in your study window—because you get the most up-to-date CPA review materials right when you need them most. Enjoy benefits such as:

  • Reduced price – Get our whole 4-part CPA review program at a great discount!
  • Locked rates – Pay the current price and receive up-to-date materials at no additional cost!
  • Current materials – Keep your studies as up-to-date as possible with the latest CPA review course releases that are delivered according to your study pace

If you are entitled to a better discount, you may use that. (If your code does not work during checkout, call for ordering instructions. 800.824.2811)

We recommend taking exams in the following order: FAR – AUD – REG - BEC
Call us for our recommended study times.

*This is considered a full, 4-part order and MAY NOT be amended at a later time.

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