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Online CPA Exam Review

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The New Yaeger Student Portal!

Introducing a second-to-none educational experience.

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Welcome to the New Yaeger CPA Review Student Portal!

As our students have come to expect from us, Yaeger continues to expand on its reputation as a pioneer in online education. Combining superior technology with the best CPA review materials available allows us to equip students for incredible CPA exam performance. Now, the new Yaeger portal is an incredible resource for students of all types looking to take their CPA study efforts to new heights of success!

  • icon Custom Study Plan - We provide you with and guide you through a unique testing schedule, using a system designed to adapt to every possible study style.
  • icon Interactive Textbook - Bringing together online CPA course videos and community features, this interactive textbook is breaking new ground in the industry!
  • icon Course Planner & Calendar - Stay perfectly on track with your CPA studies using our daily, weekly, and monthly course calendar and management tools.
  • icon Community Enhancements - Professors and other students support your online studies as if they're working right alongside you!
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    Dive into Our Incredibly Interactive Textbook!

    Real-Time Synchronization

    With this unique textbook tool, as the professor speaks in the CPA course video, you get materials presented to you in real time so you never miss a thing!

    Automatic Content Alerts

    As you're going through the CPA videos, a helpful icon will notify you if there's additional textbook content or resources available - and one click takes you right there!

    At Your Fingertips

    Take notes, create bookmarks, and view additional lessons and files at any time. Plus, add an extra level of CPA insight with community notes, questions, and related video links.

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    Chart Your Study Course with Our Planner & Calendar

    A foundation for CPA Success!

    Customized just for you...

    Whether you want to follow a relaxed or aggressive CPA study schedule, you'll find step-by-step guidance through all CPA sections and modules here. Created with maximized flexibility in mind, our CPA planner and calendar offers two main options:

    Recommended - This option provides full CPA study guidance based on what tests you're planning to take and when. Get estimate completion dates, monitor upcoming milestones, and easy access to homework at all times.

    Custom - Similar to the Recommended version, this offers more advanced options, including daily, weekly, and even hourly study layouts. It's all determined by the CPA sections you want to study and when you want to sit for the exam.

    Throughout it all, we offer constant guidance and suggestions to keep your studies on track, so you can enjoy streamlined progress!

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    Connect with Success Through Community Enhancements

    You're Never Alone with Yaeger CPA Review!

    Succeed alongside other Yaeger students, supporting each other's study efforts while comparing test scores and progress.

    Social Media Enabled

    Share your individual module test results via Facebook and other social networks, so you can let the whole world know how well you're doing!

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    Make the most of your Education with Yaeger CPA

    Even as the Yaeger Student Portal opens up a new vista of CPA exam success, this is just the tip of the iceberg of all the materials and resources we make available to our CPA students.

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