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Why Choose Yaeger?


Effective learning methods that focus on concepts and the AICPA Blueprints.The key word here is blueprints.

AICPA Blueprint

Back in 2017, the AICPA decided to switch from using Content Specifications as the basis for preparing for the CPA exam.

Instead, they introduced their AICPA Blueprints. These were meant to be used like a "road map", refining CPA study materials by telling the candidate more precisely what will be tested. The Blueprints don't give an accounting topic for studying for the CPA, but rather, they tell the candidate exactly what tasks they will need to perform in the exam.

  • Yaeger CPA Review is dedicated to you, the student, and your passing exam score!

    No other CPA Exam preparation course takes this individualized approach to ensure your success.

    We are here for you on your CPA Exam journey!
Why Choose Yaeger?


Adaptive content for a custom learning experience through AdaptaPASS.

AdaptaPASS works with the candidates' study preferences and their strengths and weaknesses. Yaeger CPA Review materials cover every single AICPA Blueprint. No concepts are skipped!

Yaeger Instructors

Many CPA prep courses market the idea of studying in less time. The results of this "shortened" study is they only give you multiple choice questions in the areas that you answered incorrectly in their assessment testing. That means, if you didn't know anything about a concept, but took a random guess and guessed correctly, your customized study program will not include any questions on that concept. Yes, with these CPA exam study programs, you will spend less time, but you will learn less, and risk scoring lower on the exams. Less study time is not necessarily a good thing.

Open Book

Remember, it's the quality of the CPA study material, not the quantity that makes for success on this very challenging exam. Yaeger CPA materials have the quality.

"Truly the best course out there!!!"

-Alya A.


Just Starting Your CPA Journey?

We'll get you on the path to success.

Why Choose Yaeger?


Direct access to an instructor by phone, email, or student message board.

All Yaeger students are encouraged to take advantage of our customer support. Starting with the initial registration, setting up portal access and solving any technical glitches that may pop up along the way. But that's just the beginning. Our support goes way beyond this.

Our entire teaching staff, support CPA's, and most important, owner Phil Yaeger (CPA, CGMA, PhD, MBA) are available to help our students. CPA study is very rigorous and requires a lot of support and encouragement along the way. Phil Yaeger is known to spend hours on the phone (he's not an email type) helping students understand confusing accounting concepts. He also wears his "Dr. Phil" hat when he needs to empathize and encourage candidates not to give up.

He remembers all too clearly, his own complete devastation when he failed on his first attempt. He remembers the advice of a friend who told him not to give up, because, if he did, he would regret it forever.

We've incorporated the required AICPA Blueprints and walk you through each representative task!


Are you grateful when your professor gives you a study guide for your upcoming exam? Of course. And, that's exactly what the AICPA Blueprints are. They are your study guide telling you exactly what's on the exam. This free resource, from the AICPA, outlines specifically what is on the CPA Exam, with over 600 representative tasks.

That's why the Yaeger course was redeveloped to correspond with the AICPA Blueprints. We wrote our own books using the Blueprints as our table of contents. Our instructors go through each required task step-by-step and explain the concepts and knowledge you need to pass.

While other courses may advertise inclusion of the AICPA Blueprints, they have not rewritten their books or spent the time to rework the way they teach you the material. At best, they only show the Blueprints as an exhibit in the back of the book for reference.

Our mission is to get to the heart of what you need to know to sit for the exam with confidence. That's why the AICPA Blueprint integration is so important.

Before deciding on a CPA Review course, be sure to download a copy of the AICPA Blueprints (they're FREE!) and see what we're talking about.

Why Choose Yaeger?


Everything you need – for less. Our course bundle costs hundreds less than competitors.

CPA exam review courses vary greatly, especially in price. Important to note that, just because a CPA course costs more, does not mean it is better than the less expensive course. Yaeger CPA Review has been preparing candidates for more than 41 years. You don't get that kind of longevity by offering an inferior CPA exam program.

Simple economic principle – lower overhead allows us to provide our courses at lower prices than our competitors. We have always strived to make our prices candidate friendly.

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