How to Study for the CPA Review

Nobody decides to study for the CPA exam and just decide to "wing it." The fact is, there’s a definable science to achieving CPA exam success. There are also plenty of tools and techniques you can employ to enhance your chances for passing the exam—whether you’re employing the best tools to study for CPA reviews, using CPA review study apps, or otherwise.

But what are the best CPA review guides and tools out there? How can you know whether you’re using ones that are actually going to help your test scores improve, versus hinder you?

Upfront, one of the most obvious ways to prepare yourself for the CPA exam is to invest in a CPA review guide program, with knowledgeable instructors who are there to guide you through the whole process. When choosing a CPA review program, you need to take into account factors such as price, scheduling, teaching style, and whatever resources the program itself offers. Do the teachers rely on rote memorization, or do they teach in a way that ensures you’ll actually remember the information for the long-term? Is the entire program run by a single person, or is there a vibrant community of instructors and students who you can turn to for support? Are their materials held in high esteem and do they have a solid track record of students who’ve successfully passed the CPA exam?

Beyond any CPA course in itself, there are numerous strategies you can employ to enhance your studying. One is to find and partner with a study buddy. This could be another CPA student in your area, or even someone you connect with online and have study sessions with through Skype or other remote communication software.

Lastly, start putting technology to work on your behalf. Most people have mobile phones or tablets nowadays. Did you know there are a handful of great CPA review study apps you can download? For instance, there are apps that provide sample questions, simulate timed test-taking sessions, and much more.

Rest assured that you’re never alone or ill-equipped whenever you decide to tackle the CPA exam. New resources and tools are being developed every day, so it’s to your benefit to gather a wide array of them and figure out which ones work best for you!