Time Remaining: 10:00 min

Policy Statement and Confidentiality Agreement

Within the time remaining, you must read and accept this policy statement and then read the short introduction on the next screen.If the time limit is exceeded, the exam will terminate and cannot be restarted.

Policy Statement and Agreement Regarding Exam Confidentiality and the Taking of Breaks

I hereby agree that I will maintain the confidentiality of the Uniform CPA Examination.

In addition, I agree that I will not:

Divulge the nature or content of any Uniform CPA Examination question or answer under any circumstances

Engage in any unauthorized communication during testing

Refer to any unauthorized materials or use unauthorized equipment during testing

Remove or attempt to remove any Uniform CPA Examination materials, notes, or any other items from the examination room

I understand and agree that liability for test administration activities, including but not limited to the adequacy or the accuracy of test materials and equipment, and the accuracy of scoring and score reporting, will be limited to score correction or test retake at no additional fee. I waive any and all rights to other claims. I further agree to report to the AICPA any examination question disclosures, or solicitations for disclosure, of which I become aware.

I affirm that I have had the opportunity to read the Candidate Bulletin and I agree to all of its terms and conditions.

I understand that breaks are only allowed between testlets. I understand that I will be asked to complete any open testlet before leaving the testing room for a break. In addition, I understand that failure to comply with this Policy Statement and Agreement could result in the invalidation of my scores, disqualification from furture examinations, expulsion from the testing facility, and possibly civil or criminal penalties.

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