Time Remaining:

Section Information:

Within the time remaining, please read this Section Information and click Begin Exam.If the time limit is exceeded, the exam will terminate and cannot be restarted.

You are about to begin the () section of the Uniform CPA Examination. You will receieve four testlets; three will be multiple choice testlets containing 24 items each; the fourth will be a written communication testlet containing three tasks.

Each testlet will contain some pretest questions, which do not count toward your final score. You will not know which questions are cored and which are pretest questions. You will have four hours to complete the four testlets. You may work through each testlet at your own pace. Howeve,r once you submit a testlet, you cannot return to it.

You will have the option to take a break at t he completion of each of the first three testlets. If you decide to take a break, the clock will keep running. Use break time wisely.

When you click Begin Exam the exam clock will start to run.

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